Won Out Awards - Certificate Awards for Winning Out of a Class

'Won Out' List and Certificates for Winning Out of a Class  :  Current League Members can go on the 'Won Out' list (click on the current year below to view) and also gain a Won Out Certificate - please email (obedleagues@aol.co.uk) to be added to this list and state if you require a Certificate.  

Details to email are :-

  • Dogs full Kennel Club Name
  • Owners Name 
  • Details of Class Level Won Out
  • Details of the Show name and date where your dog Won Out
  • State if you require a 'Won Out' Certificate 
  • Certificates will be sent to the address you registered with - please confirm first line of address when applying for a Certificate 
  • Note: This website Won Out list is separate to the list on obedienceuk.net and results are not automatically taken from that list to appear here
Bernice Emanuel also kindly maintains a totally separate list of those Winning Out on the obedienceuk.net website

Click on the year below to view the handlers and dogs who have Won Out

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