UK Obedience Leagues

Welcome to the Competitive Kennel Club level Obedience Show Leagues
Anyone competing in Kennel Club Obedience Shows can join

Please read the various HELP sections for full details

  • Annual Certificates & Awards to League leaders
  • Basic annual membership includes Leagues for:  Classes, Area (& Club if listed) 
  • Additional Leagues (extra cost):  ABC, BC, Crossbreed, Gundog, Hound, Rescue, Spaniel, Terrier, Toy/Small, WSD & Young Handler 
  • Won Out Certificates & Listing for Members
  • Club League (Club needs to join/pay and each member needs to join/pay as individuals)
  • Members can gain recognition & awards for consistency
  • Members list their placings 1st to 6th for each year they are members to gain points in various Leagues
  • Intro to Champ C compete against each other on equal footing
  • ​Permanent record of your dogs achievements (useful if you wish to move up classes on points)
  • Results retained each year - so historic records kept
  • This is a non profit venture - any profit goes to Dog Rescue or obedience related need
  • Enter results only for the year(s) you join .. so if you join 2022 only enter 2022 results / all results for each year MUST be added BEFORE midnight on 31st December of year you are a member.   
Membership only open until 31st May each year 
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Membership is open from 1st January to 31st May each year.
The sites aims to allow members who are placed in Kennel Club Obedience shows (Championship, Open, Capped shows only) to be part of a countrywide performance league.
It is an opportunity for dogs placed to potentially gain recognition and possible awards for consistency.
Introductory to Championship C all compete on equal terms in the Leagues and consistent lower level results may even beat higher level achievements in the Area, Breed, Type & Rescue Leagues

~ Basic membership includes any class results in the Class Leagues, Area League and Club League (if your Club has joined)
~ For additional fees you can join relevant Leagues:  ABC (Anything But NOT a Border Collie, Working Sheepdog or their Cross), Border Collie, Crossbreed, Gundog, Hound/Lurcher, Rescue, Spaniel, Terrier, Toy/Small Dog, Working Sheepdog, Young Handler

Email any questions to: 

All placings 1st to 6th are automatically allocated points.

Enter results only for the year(s) you join .. so if you join 2023 only enter 2023 results which must be entered BEFORE midnight on 31st December 2023

Those with highest points in each league will receive awards at each year end.

It is entirely possible for a dog never winning a class but consistently gaining places through the year to win a League.

If  you choose to progress up the classes using the Points System, you have all the history on here to copy into the Kennel Club results book.

If you cannot get the results off, simply email me to and I can email you through a pdf file or email with all your results on it.

You need to register and pay to join as a member before you can add your results.  
Full details on how to become a member, costs, points explanation and how to add results can be found in the HELP section.
You re-join each year.
Dogs with no show results entered to the site and therefore zero points will not receive any awards.

Data Protection Privacy Policy

Under the new 2018 data protection laws I need to advise that by registering on the site or rejoining the site or being a previous member or emailing me and/or replying to me you agree to me holding and retaining all supplied details, including sharing identified photos on facebook, this website and publication in DTW (Dog Training Weekly).

Details are never knowingly shared to third parties.

Please see the 'HELP' section 'Data Protection Privacy Statement' for more information on how your data is used. 


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