ABC League

ABC League - Anything But (not) A Collie - ie no Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs or their crosses.  Click on any dog name to see their show results
  • This is an additional league and therefore subject to additional league fees to enter.
  • Points in this ABC League are total points accumulated for each dog gained in all classes at Crufts, Limit, Capped, Open and Championship Shows 

ABC League League is Sponsored by

Millies Wolfheart Dog Food
Position Dog Breed Handler Points
1Grandbelge KrosbyBelgian Shepherd Dog GroenendaelSharyn Hall109
2Dirnanean Babanango ValleyGolden RetrieverLesley Holmes108
3Osketra SiriusGerman Shepherd DogKit Clow100
4Shoecott's Summer Song Of Hanville Pre-Beg ExRottweilerHannah Winship98
5Lightning Lilly P-Beg ExShetland SheepdogHeidi Dixon94
6Tawnyhill Roly's ThaboGolden RetrieverPauline Barr87
7Glencymreig DeguParson Russell TerrierLouise Healey83
8Pepsanner Powis CastleGolden RetrieverSandra White82
9Conquell UrsGerman Shepherd DogJustin Parker74
10Moonstyle Mystic FrostAustralian ShepherdLaura Wiley73
11Xanova Back To BlackBelgian Shepherd GroenendaelSharyn Hall55
12Skaijak's Serendipity Of Tomsziil (am2)Polish Lowland SheepdogElizabeth (liz) Mills46
13Kenquartz Night SkyGerman ShepherdLouise Petchell44
14Sherbert TropicalGerman ShepherdRachel Chapman40
15Tarenea ArtairGerman Shepherd DogLesley Manning37
15Hens Millie MinstrelEnglish Springer SpanielHenrietta Carew37
17Twinkle Tinker Little StarPatterdale Terrier X Jack Russell TerrierLinda Ward35
18Oaklin's Mo's DoubleGolden RetrieverKeith Ledger33
19Fedsig The GiantJack Russell TerrierKirsty Stuart29
20Drews Motsy MooEnglish Springer SpanielDrew Hollings27
21Bertley BlackbirdPembroke Welsh CorgiEmese Kovacs24
22Auldtoby's Bounding BoyParson Russell TerrierWendy Cook20
23Midnight BulletBorder TerrierJoanne Pickles18
23Minnie Tiny MiricaleBichonKimberly Bristow18
25Pepsanner Jacks GreenGolden RetrieverLouise Frelford12
26Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek Beg Ex.Australian ShepherdJess Simpson10
27Decoymans Piper EdwardNova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverLouise Ince5
28Newinolder SaxonGerman Shepherd DogFran May0
28Le Voleur NoirCrossbreedBeth Carroll0
28Keira Treasured GirlCrossbreed - Labrador X PoodleKimberly Bristow0
28Zwartbos MoetHovawartJanice Robinson0
28Foxearth Incognito At ExpresseburySmooth ColliePat Thompson0
28My Storm Called BlakeLurcher (saluki X Greyhound)Vera Marney0
28Triosdeach HirtabegBorder TerrierJean Palmer0
28Fedsig's Blithe SpiritJack Russell TerrierKirsty Stuart0


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