Club Leagues

Clubs need to officially join this League.  Competing Club Members also need to join the Leagues as individuals and need to select their Club (if it has joined the Leagues) for each dog they register.  If Members do not select their club then points will not go forward to their Club League - email if you need help linking your dog to your Club.  Each clubs dogs points gained in all standard classes entered at Crufts, Limit, Capped, Open and Championship Shows will be added together to produce the points in this league (note: Companion show results, Special Classes & KCGDCS Special Pre-Beginners are NOT included)

  • Open to Kennel Club fully registered Clubs and also Kennel Club Listed Clubs
  • Dogs eligible must be handled by a fully paid up club member who has attended at least 50% of the training nights on offer
  • Only one club per dog is permitted
  • Kennel Club Breed Clubs who do not run classes can also register - but any League member must be a paid up member of the that Club before they can be part of that Club League
  • Click on Club Name to view list of their League members
To join the club League, a (Kennel Club fully Registered or Listed) Club Official needs to send a letter on Club headed paper giving authorisation for the Club to be included with payment to me - email for information on where to send letter - see HELP Membership section for further details


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